Kyoto Japan
Kyoto is one of the most visually interesting cities in the world. Incredible gardens and bamboo forests, as well as the mysterious Geisha. I took these photos from 2002 to today. To learn photography in Japan with me, check out
Tokyo Japan
Photos of Tokyo, Japan that I created from 1999 to today. Tokyo is a gem for street and travel photography because everyone loves and accepts photography. To take a photo workshop in Japan with Mark, check out
Japanese Snow Monkeys
The Japanese Snow Monkeys are a very unique group of monkeys. They spend most of their lives relaxing in a natural hot-spring bath, taking it easy. Each winter I guide photographers into the mountains to photograph the monkeys. If you’re interested in joining me, check out
Jerusalem Israel
My favorite place in the world to photograph . . . Jerusalem (especially the Old City) is like walking back in time by half a century. The Old City is less than two square Km, so I believe that there is no other two square kilometers on earth that has better street photography opportunities.
San Miguel de Allende Mexico
San Miguel de Allende is one of the most colorful cities in the world. This album contains my favorite “SMA” photos from my travels to Mexico each winter. To learn photography by Mark in San Miguel, check out
San Miguel Street Photography
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico is unsurpassed for color street photography. This album contains photos that I’ve taken each winter since 2008. To attend one of my photo workshops in San Miguel, check out
Riga Street Photos
Riga Latvia is one of the greatest cities in the world for street photography. Because it is a northern city, the winter has low light throughout the day which is perfect for high contrast street photos.
Nagano Japan
Nagano Japan is a Japanese prefecture that is very close to my heart, as I lived in the mountainous region in 1999. I go back to Nagano annually as a photography guide to photograph the famous Japanese Snow Monkeys. To join me, check out
Transylvania / Romania
Photos from the Transylvanian region of Romania, primarily from a fantastic village called Agyagfalva. Full of interesting and very kind residents, Mark has been honored to be a guest photographer in the village.
India China Thailand & Korea
India and Asia are favorite locations of mine to photograph. This album has a selection of photos that I really enjoy from Chiang Mai Thailand, Anseong South Korea, Bangalore India, and Nanchang China.
New York City
My few New York City photographs are dwarfed by the immense history of the NYC street photography greats. Hopefully I will get back again for more time on the street.
My home country! Canada is stunningly beautiful with its grand scenery between the Atlantic and Pacific. With friendly people, Canada is a fantastic place to photograph.
Hungary is a country that I absolutely love. Some of my best travel memories are due to the wonderful people of Hungary who guided me through the country, and welcomed me into their homes. Köszönöm!
Riga Latvia
Riga Latvia is a hidden gem . . . when I lived there last year every time I walked out of my apartment door I had another photo opportunity. Beautiful nature, fantastic street photography, and plenty of hipster cafés to relax and edit my photos.
Roma Village in Transylvania
My friend and fellow photographer Lóránt Fülöp took me to visit a Roma (Gypsy) village in Transylvania to do a very interesting thing . . . he would take professional level portraits of the villagers and then a few days later would return to give the prints to each person or family. These are my photos taken while Lóránt offered the photographic prints.
Italy, Spain, & Greece
Street photography in Florence Italy, Valencia Spain, and throughout Greece is so much fun. Lots of interesting people within incredible settings. Each year I lead photo workshops in Greece. Check out the PHOTO WORKSHOPS link above.
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